The World's Most Expensive Cow

What makes Missy a million-dollar-cow?


How to Make Your Computer Boot Faster

Why can’t a computers start up like a television? In short, it is all about the operating system. And contrary to common sense, the newer the operating system the longer it can take. But you can do something about it. Here are tips to get your tortoise-like boot time to hop like a bunny.


Who Watches Out for Solar Storms?

Solar storms can wreak havoc on satellites and Earth-based electronics. To better predict solar weather, NASA has launched the Solar Dynamics Observatory, a dedicated satellite to keep an eye on the stormy sun.

This Is My Job: Fenway Park Scoreboard Operator

Go behind the scenes of the Green Monster at Fenway Park and meet Chris Elias, commander of the scoreboard. Interactive graphic and podcast, too.

Dark Knight's Bat-Pod Took Up-Armored Road From Garage to Set

Re-inventing the motorcycle for the Caped Crusader took more than green screens and gadgets. The DIYers behind this summer's hottest film take PM for an exclusive look at the making of Batman's new ride.

Are Lost's New Time-Travel Physics Junk Science? Maybe Not, Expert Says

As if smoke monsters and tropical polar bears weren't enough to keep our heads spinning, Thursday's episode of Lost, The Constant, opened up a whole new can of worms: the fourth dimension.

How to Make 4 Alternative Fuels at Home: Goodbye, Big Oil!

Ready to make your own gas alternative? These products can give you a start—but energy independence won’t come cheaply.

High-Speed Storm Radars to Track Tornadoes, Fend Off Tragedy

Twisters across the United States in 2008 are headed for a record-setting pace ... by 2013 a new network of satellites could be triangulating microfrequencies from the sky to Wi-Fi for real-time reactions to dangerous weather patterns.

How to Create a Budget, Even if you're Broke

No matter how much or how little you make, you need a budget. When you know where your money goes, you wind up with more of it for the stuff you really want -- you'll know when to say "no" to dining out so you can say "yes" to a new handbag.

Anatomy of Lost Luggage: How to Track Your Bags (and Save 'Em)

18 out of every 1000 checked bags don't arrive in the right place at the right time. Here's a breakdown of what happens to your luggage when it doesn't land when you do.

What it Feels Like To Draw From Memory

Stephen Wiltshire needed only a few minutes to look at New York's Columbus Circle before he sat down and drew the entire thing from memory. Watch the video and read more about his incredible talents.

Digital Camera Buying Guide

Make sure to check out this comprehensive guide before you make your next purchase. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of budget, DSLRs, point-and-shoots and ultra zoom, and figure out what type best suits your needs.

Sony's Super-Chill Fantasy Titles Wow Gamers & Non-Gamers Alike: Live @ E3 2008

Two unveilings for PS3 really set themselves apart. PixelJunk's Eden and TGC's Flower are far from the FPSs and MPOs that dominated a lot of attention at the show—they're far-out, not to mention two of the most relaxing and beautiful games we've seen of late.

Become a Text Message Shorthand Pro

Americans are sending more than 28 billion texts per month. The need for instant, discreet communication has spawned a language of its own.

Rock and Roll Preschool

Who says kids' music has to be all fluffy banjos, xylophones and lyrics about small furry animals and chewing gum on the bedpost?

Back to the Future: Revisit these Children's Classics for a Walk Down Memory Lane

There are some books that you read as a child that still resonate with you today. You know, the tales that made you actually look forward to bedtime and, in retrospect, defined some of the most salient moments in your childhood.

A New Spin on Power

The construction of yet another emissions-belching turbine might not seem like cause for celebration. But like it or not, the world continues to run on fossil fuels--and General Electric's 7H turbine is a breakthrough in efficiency.

REVIEW: Olympus Stylus 780

Olympus bridges the gap between casual user and semi-serious amateur with this high-quality, full-featured point-and-shoot. You'll have a hard time taking a bad photo with the Olympus Stylus 780.

REVIEW: Backpacks for Grownups

There's no denying that backpacks are the best way to get your notebook and other digital stuff from Point A to Point B. But you don't want to look like you're trying to hang with the Facebook crowd.

Powerline networking story clip thumbnail

Tech Clinic: Powerline Networking

Powerline networking has played second fiddle to wireless networking for years. In true plug-and-play form, powerline devices use your existing electrical outlets and wiring to extend your Ethernet network.

Fast Times At Urbana, High

Discontent with the school newspaper in 1968, Urbana High School senior Steve Hager started an underground newspaper to showcase what the other part of the student body thought...Finding himself in Urbana for a few days last week, the King of Counterculture reminisced with buzz.

Catch the Cache! Geocaching: High-Tech Hide-and-Seek

Last Thursday afternoon, two men walked the green grass of an Urbana park, patting down utility poles, looking under bushes and parting tree branches. The weather earlier in the day was almost balmy for October-the high that day was 77 degrees-but the sun was starting to set, the temperature was dropping and time was running out.