Erin Scottberg a editor writer and digital strategist. She has written for Audubon, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, and Laptop magazines, among a variety of other publications. Her favorite TV show was Lost, for which she used write a weekly column fact-checking the show's science -- a job that required geeking out about a fictional island with physicists and time-travel experts. She volunteers with the MacDella Cooper Foundation, an organization devoted to empowering Liberian youth by providing education and basic necessities of life.

Erin graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in a swift 4.5 years. Her mother is particularly proud of the extra .5. During college, Erin was editor-in-chief of Buzz, the local alt-weekly, and it's there she developed her roots for community journalism. In high school, a good chunk of her after school and weekend time was spent folding jeans at a store in the local mall. Consequently, Erin thinks everyone should be required to work retail or food service at some point in their lives; it's good for the soul. On the contrary, spending that much time in a mall probably isn't.

Erin grew up in Elmhurst, a western suburb of Chicago. She spent most of her time there on her bike or at the community pool. At 15, she moved to a small Illinois farm community called Kirkland--a small town where, in the words of one of her 28 classmates, "You can't shit without everyone knowing what color it is." She now lives in Brooklyn, where she once again spends a lot of time on her bike. She is still looking for anywhere in New York that can build a proper hot dog but is happy to have found a neighborhood bar will always turn on the Cubs game.